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Wycliffe College in Gloucestershire is improving its facilities with renovations inside and outside the campus. Tasked with this significant undertaking, Concept UK was approached by the Head of Estates to deliver a proposal that would breathe new life into the college’s infrastructure, focusing on the Bursar's office, Haywardsend boarding house, a sports shower block and toilets, playground, IT classrooms, and educational furniture with comprehensive wire management solutions.

The Challenge: Balancing Refurbishment with Educational Continuity

The primary challenge lay in executing a multifaceted school refurbishment project without disrupting the daily activities and learning experiences of the students. The project focused on improving the college's buildings and grounds without disrupting the main goal of education. It needed careful planning to make sure the renovations didn't cause any problems for students and staff.

This careful balancing required a deep understanding of the logistical challenges and a sensitivity to the rhythms and routines of education.

We planned construction carefully to avoid disrupting school activities. This involved working with faculty and staff to minimise noise and movement during school hours, following the academic calendar closely. The aim was to improve the college's environment without affecting the quality of education. This required careful planning, good communication, and a dedication to reducing disruptions for everyone in the school.

The Challenge

Our Solution: A Strategic and Phased Approach to School Refurbishment

Our Solution

Recognising the complexity and breadth of the project, Concept UK adopted a flexible, staggered approach over two years. This strategy allowed for minimal disruption to the college's operations, ensuring that the academic routine of students and faculty members remained uninterrupted.

  • Bursar's Office Transformation
    We started renovating the Bursar's office by adding new doors, ceilings, furniture, blinds, and a custom spiral staircase. This revitalisation aimed to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing workspace conducive to the administrative heart of the college.
  • Enhancing Student Life and Sports Facilities
    The project extended to the Haywardsend boarding house and the sports shower block and toilets. We wanted to improve the living and recreational spaces for students to make their lives better. This includes creating a comfortable and supportive environment that matches the college's care commitments.
  • Playground and IT Classrooms Upgrade
    A significant part of the refurbishment was the re-tarmacking of the playground and the modernisation of IT classrooms. Concept UK upgraded outdoor spaces for physical activity and IT facilities for digital learning, aiming to provide safe and engaging environments.
  • Educational Furniture with Full Wire Management
    We got new furniture for schools with better wire management to meet modern education needs. This initiative was designed to facilitate a clutter-free, organised learning environment, enabling seamless integration of technology into teaching and learning processes.
  • A Standalone Wind Turbine: Embracing Sustainability
    Our proposal included a request to build a wind turbine for Wycliffe College, which was a unique feature. This initiative, which was successfully granted, underscores the college's commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, marking a significant step towards reducing its carbon footprint.

The Outcome: A Revitalised Educational Environment

Wycliffe College was renovated for two years, greatly improving its facilities to meet top educational and sustainability standards. The gradual plan helped Wycliffe College maintain its academic activities smoothly. This prevented major disruptions and allowed the college to remain a top educational institution in the UK and other countries.

The Outcome

Reflecting on Success

Reflecting on Success

This school renovation project shows Concept UK's ability to handle big, complicated projects carefully and effectively meeting the client's needs. We are happy about helping Wycliffe College improve its buildings. We believe these changes will help the college continue to offer excellent education for many years.


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