Microlights Swindon - Show Room Fit-Out

Microlights Showroom Transformation: A Beacon of Design and Functionality



Microlights, a prominent member of the Aurora Lighting Group, stands as a testament to British manufacturing prowess with a global reach and three decades of expertise in retail lighting solutions. Tasked with the ambitious goal of revitalising their reception, boardroom, and creating a state-of-the-art showroom, they sought to offer clients an immersive experience in lighting innovation.

The Challenge: Revitalising Space with Precision and Creativity

The primary challenge was to refresh and expand the existing spaces within the constraints of a central Swindon warehouse, transforming them into a showcase of Microlights' lighting prowess. The project demanded a balance of aesthetic appeal, functional design, and adherence to strict budget and time constraints, all while maintaining the operational continuity of the business.

The Challenge

Our Solution: Strategic Design Meets Expert Execution

Our Solution

In close collaboration with Microlights' designated designer, our team embarked on a six-week journey to redefine the essence of the showroom. The project, governed by the principles of Construction Design and Management (CDM) and strict adherence to Health and Safety protocols, was a masterclass in strategic planning and execution.

Extending the Mezzanine Floor
A key component of our design solution was the extension of the existing mezzanine floor. This strategic enhancement not only maximised the available space but also introduced an innovative layer to the showroom's layout. The inclusion of "Mezzanine Floor" in our design lexicon not only addressed spatial challenges but also added a dynamic element to the customer experience, offering elevated views of the lighting displays below.

Innovative Walkways and Bespoke Design Elements
Our vision brought to life unusual design walkways, blending hard and soft flooring to create a journey through light and texture. A bespoke ceiling panel system was introduced, allowing Microlights to effortlessly update and showcase different lighting designs, reflecting the company's commitment to innovation and adaptability.

Client Comfort and Interactive Spaces
Understanding the importance of client comfort during open days and presentations, we installed sophisticated heating and cooling systems, ensuring a welcoming environment year-round. The showroom was complemented by a purpose-built breakout area, featuring a large Corian table designed to seat 8 to 10 persons. This communal space, accented with vibrant lime green and orange fabrics against the sleek black Corian, fostered an environment of collaboration and creativity.

The Outcome: A Showroom That Illuminates Excellence

The transformation of Microlights' showroom and adjacent areas within a mere six weeks is a testament to the synergy between visionary design and meticulous project management. The revamped spaces not only serve as a testament to Microlights' leadership in the retail lighting sector but also as a versatile venue for showcasing their extensive product range and lighting solutions.

The Outcome

Reflecting on Success

Reflecting on Success

This project illustrates the pivotal role of innovative design and strategic space utilisation in creating a showroom that transcends traditional sales spaces. By extending the mezzanine floor and incorporating bespoke design elements, we have crafted an environment that not only showcases Microlights' lighting solutions but also enhances the client experience through thoughtful design and functionality.


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