LED for Schools

LED lighting is particularly suited to the school environment. Primarily, it will bring you the instant savings you are seeking. Energy consumption is reduced by 60-90%. Commonly this translates to savings in the order of several thousands of pounds per year for smaller premises through to tens of thousands of pounds for larger premises.

These savings are only made all the greater by the energy price hikes we have been seeing in the UK. The systems we have installed are paying for themselves within 3 to 4 years, and this is shortening as the price per KW increases.

LEDs come with many important benefits other than savings…
  • Safer

    A properly-lit area is a safer area.

  • Minimal maintenance and cost

    LEDs have an average life expectancy of 15+ years, made even more economical in those hard-to-reach areas that may need specialist equipment to access them, e.g. high ceiling business units and outdoor lighting.

  • Cleaner profiles

    Cleaner fitting profiles with smooth, sealed units minimises dust build up at higher levels.

  • Better for the planet

    Reducing your energy usage lowers your carbon footprint helping your business play its part in helping the UK towards meeting its carbon reduction targets, and the units themselves don’t contain any harmful mercury like the old fluorescent tubes do.

Large Primary School

Fluorescent LED Annual Savings
Usage kWh4293710617-
Electricity @13p/kWh£5,581.81£1,380.21£4,201.60
Electricity @19p/kWh£8,158.03£2,017.23£6,140.80
Electricity @28p/kWh£12,022.36£2,972.76£9,049.60

Large Secondary or Higher
Education Premises

Fluorescent LED Annual Savings
Usage kWh391250140472-
Electricity @13p/kWh£50,862.50£18,261.36£32,601.14
Electricity @19p/kWh£74,337.50£26,689.68£47,674.82
Electricity @28p/kWh£109,550.00£39,332.16£70,217.84