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JSP Limited: Reinventing JSP's Seminar Space and Showrooms



In the competitive landscape of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) safety products, standing out requires not just innovative products but also an environment that reflects a company’s ethos and vision. JSP, Europe’s leading manufacturer of pioneering PPE safety equipment, faced a challenge with its existing seminar space and showrooms.
These spaces no longer represented the innovative spirit and pioneering legacy of the brand. Recognising the need for a transformation, SP Limited, one of the premier interior fit-out companies, was tasked with creating a space that was both reflective of JSP’s progressive identity and rooted in its heritage.

The Challenge: Creating a Space as Innovative as the Products

JSP’s desire was for a multifunctional space that would not only facilitate product showcasing and client training but also embody the company’s innovative spirit without losing the essence of its heritage, situated in an old mill. The primary challenge was to redesign the space to be practical, welcoming, and representative of JSP’s status as a leader in PPE safety equipment, all while acknowledging the historical significance of its location.

The Challenge

Our Solution: A Modern Industrial Transformation

Our Solution

Addressing the challenge with a blend of creativity and strategic planning, SP Limited set out to revolutionise JSP’s seminar and showroom spaces. Our vision was to introduce an industrial aesthetic that complemented the nature of JSP’s products while infusing modern elements to elevate the overall atmosphere.

1. Industrial Aesthetics with a Modern Twist: By exposing the ceiling, we highlighted the building’s existing concrete supports and rafters, integrating them with suspended LED lighting to create a contemporary industrial vibe. This decision not only paid homage to the space’s original structure but also aligned with the functional nature of JSP’s products.

2. Maximising Natural Light: The existing suspended ceilings and partitions were removed, and external windows were enlarged to flood the space with natural daylight. This not only enhanced the visual appeal of the interior but also created a more inviting environment for JSP’s clients and staff.

3. Sophisticated Colour Scheme and Infrastructure: Painting the ceiling and electrical mechanical services black, alongside acid cleaning the concrete infrastructure, added a layer of sophistication and depth to the space, emphasising the modern transformation while respecting the industrial roots.

4. Strategic Expansion and Modern Facilities: The installation of a mezzanine floor extended the usable space, accommodating extra offices crucial for JSP’s operations. A new, modern toilet block with disabled facilities addressed practical needs, overcoming the challenge of limited waste fall with innovative solutions. The addition of a kitchen capable of catering to guests during events and glass rooms for internal meetings underscored the multifunctional aspect of the redesign.

The Outcome: A Testament to Innovation and Heritage

The transformation of JSP’s seminar space and showrooms by SP Limited stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful interior fit-out. The new facility not only meets the practical demands of showcasing products and hosting clients but also serves as a physical representation of JSP’s innovative spirit and respect for heritage.
This project underscores SP Limited’s position among leading interior fit-out companies, showcasing our ability to merge functionality with aesthetic appeal in creating spaces that reflect a brand’s ethos.

The Outcome

Reflecting Excellence: A New Benchmark in Interior Fit-Out

Reflecting Excellence

JSP and SP Limited working together show how interior fit-out companies help improve brand identity through physical spaces. JSP is a top leader in PPE safety gear. Their updated seminar space and showrooms are a hub for innovation and training, showing their dedication to excellence and heritage. This project shows how good design and fitting out can change old spaces into modern displays of innovation and history.


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